The Groups, Companies who are involved in production of shoe, garments, Bags etc across the country and the globe, Asia Metal Components (I) Pvt. Ltd. will be among few names that cater their needs of accessories. Pioneers in production of shoes components, garment accessories & Bag Material, for over then 45 years Asia Metal Components (I) Private Limited was founded by Atir Ismail who is a qualified businessman. He has a vision of connectivity of home Industry with medium and heavy Industrial units to fulfill the needs of accessories in shoe and garments manufacturing sector in better and best quality on timely supply. Asia Metal Components today is known for its high quality and prompt supply in required quantity of its clients. As the saying goes “Rome was not built in a day” the success story of Asia Metal Components too has not been written a day. It’s the result of solid quality promptly supply and reasonable rates. Asia Metal Components from others is their ability to full fill the needs of its respective customers across the country and abroad with its rich experience of 45 years in quality and quantity. Over the period Asia Metal Components has produced an unlimited range of Eyelets, 2 Part Rivet Buttons, Four Part Buttons, Four legged metal studs, D Kari in Brass, Steel, Aluminum etc and Die-Casting items.


Asia Metal Components (I) Pvt. Ltd. has grown over the years under the guidance of its Managing Director Mr. Atir Ismail a proud and experienced personality in this field. A planner with a great vision and an uncompromising person in execution of production and supply whose dynamic approach finds expression in all type of supply of Company. Asia Metal Components (I) Private Limited leave no stone unturned. Asia Metal Components has been able to harness the potential of selected team of highly talented and well trained peoples to further improve the quality of supply and management.

Over the years it has been Asia Metal team’s dedication, attention to each and every detail of items and passion for quality that has made us what we are today and make us the only entity that specializes in offering complete metal components range with the best quality finishings as per International Standards. When we make this claim, we do it responsibly and ensure we live up to the mark. We specialize in custom developments as per our client’s requirements to provide them accurate solutions. What differentiates us from others is not only our complete but also our exhaustive range of allied products that virtually addresses all the degrees of demand in Shoe and Garment Industry. Equipped with the state of art technology our manufacturing facility provides the top quality products with different finishing as per International Standards


  • Shoe Industry
  • Garment industry
  • Bags and accessories Industry
  • Stationary Industry
  • Tarpaulin Industry
  • Paper Bag Industry
  • & More…


At present at least more then 1000 companies including Exporters and Traders are being benefited by our services across the country and aboard. Besides this several branded manufacturing companies are our respective customers


The object of the company not only to earn but quality control is a vital vision and for the task a team of experienced personals are deputed forever, its result complaint ratio of our products in market and also Industrial sector is almost zero and the improvement work for production more and more is continue